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Creating Purposeful Designs

Hayen Interiors is an Interior Design Studio established in 2019. We provide design services for residential, hospitality, and office interiors.

Our design philosophy, “Design with a PURPOSE” revolves around the idea that, every element incorporated in a space must have relevance to our client’s lifestyle, personality, and preferences.

About Us: About Us

What Interior Design is for us.

Interior Design is not as simple as putting colors, fabrics, material finishes, and furniture together. We go into a deep understanding as to how we can provide creative solutions on challenges that are faced by our clients.

We believe that design is a combination of science, art, and language. We do an in depth study and analyzation to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but mostly speaks the nature and function of a space.

We take into consideration on how our design would affect the users’ health: physically, emotionally and psychologically as they move around the environment.

About Us: Our Process

"Interior Design gives rise to creative solutions, functional design, and personalised spaces. It does not revolve on the Interior Designer, but to the client's way of life."

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