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For clients who wish to have their space designed but not yet ready to commit with the full Interior Design service.

This service does not require Hayen Interiors to provide technical drawings as we will only provide Space Planning and Design Visualizations to our clients. 

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Initial Meeting & Discussion

A ONE-ON-ONE with the client and Hayen Interiors to further discuss the details of the project and for us to get to know each other better.

Preliminary Design

Based on the information we gathered from the initial meeting, the fastest way for us to present and discuss with our client on how we plan to approach the project is through PROGRAMMING. This is the method we use to quickly come up with creative design solutions in fulfilling the objectives of our client with respect to their space.

Space Planning

This is the stage where we start working on the FLOOR PLAN of each area or room in a project. We begin by analyzing each area's function and flow, then we work around on the best layout possible that provides an efficient and comfortable movement space for the end-users.


Before we come up with the overall design of a space (color schemes, styles, details, etc.) we first organize our thoughts through MOOD BOARDS. Then, we transfer those ideas from mood boards to PERSPECTIVE SKETCHES which will finally be developed into 3D RENDERED IMAGES that virtually simulate the design output in your space.

You now have the Design Visualizations of your space!

Once you wish to develop the designs for implementation, you can contact us at any time.

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